I have my dream job: I translate, transcreate, proofread and perform quality assurance for a living. I was brought up in a multilingual household and by freelance translator parents – this profession literally grew on me. I love the creative process of translating and the eye for detail in proofreading and quality assurance. Choosing the right word is important – and can be really powerful.



I convey your message in Swedish.

You provide me with the text to be translated along with any reference material you might have (a short brief, pictures, style guides, glossaries, term lists...). The following is also important to know: Who is going to read the translation – who is the target audience? Do you need a straightforward translation or a creative translation adapted to the Swedish market?

I translate your text into native Swedish and proofread my own work before I deliver it back to you. I might make necessary adjustments and changes based on your feedback. I don’t consider the job done until you are completely satisfied with the work. Translation is usually paid per source word.


I check for errors and mistakes.

Someone else has translated the text and you need help to ensure that it doesn’t contain errors, grammar mistakes etc. It is always better if a text is worked over by two pairs of eyes! You provide me with the text to be proofread and give me any information that might be useful (reference material, target reader group, tone of voice etc.).

I check your text and proofread my own work before I deliver it back to you. Again, I might make necessary adjustements and changes based on your feedback. The job is not done until you are completely satisfied. Proofreading is usually paid by the hour.


I fill in the missing pieces.

It is impossible to know if a translation that has already been done (and preferably, proofread) is any good if you don’t speak the language. I can check the quality of your existing Swedish translation when it comes to grammar and flow and also take a look at the style and if it fits the target audience in mind. Knowing your audience is everything and can be a huge game changer.

The difference between proofreading and quality assurance? When proofreading, I will keep an eye on the source language text while working – when doing quality assurance I will only concentrate on the Swedish text. Quality assurance is usually paid by the hour.